Digital signage for restaurant

Smart and effective digital signage solutions for enticing customers in your restaurant

Enhance the overall dining experience of your customers with dynamic digital signage for restaurant. Pre-sell your menu items and upsell new specials by placing a digital menu board near the waiting area.

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Digital menu boards

Inform and engage your customers with attractive digital menu boards. Update pricing of the menu items on-the-go via integrated ERP.

Engagement board

Encourage customers to spread the good word about your restaurant by showcasing latest reviews and social media mentions with an RSS feed.

Digital bulletin boards

Grab consumers’ attention by showcasing beautiful shots or videos of your delicacies with attractive videos or rich, full-sized images.

Promotional boards

Utilize waiting area digital signage to display restaurant branding, customer loyalty programs, promote exclusive offers, new menu items and more.

Digital order-ready display

Improve your restaurant operations and performance by installing a digital signage in the kitchen to track orders and manage production.

Employee communication

Use digital signage for on-boarding and training employees, share productivity stats, and special announcements to streamline restaurant operations.

Foster your restaurant’s advertising, branding & promotion needs with digital signage for restaurant

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Key benefits of digital signage for restaurant


Improves Brand Visibility

Encash the festive season, weekends, or special occasions by promoting special menus, gift cards, party packs, etc.


Menu Item Flexibility

Change menu items and pricing from Xynage’s custom CMS and integrated ERP from anywhere and at any time.


Decrease Wait Time

Display specials, combos, other suggested items to your customers near the waiting area to decrease wait time and increase sales.


Multimedia Support

Divide the screen into sections to display a mix of graphics, videos, and text, etc. to effectively communicate your customers.


Multi-user Control

Allow your managers to change specific sections of the menu by providing them full or limited access to the CMS.


Increase Upsell

Strategically schedule your highlighted menu items such as desserts, drinks, and more during peak hours to increase upsell.

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