Xynage: A Turnkey Digital Signage Platform For Your Business

In the era of cutthroat competition, businesses cannot just stop themselves by manufacturing the products. They have bigger fish to fry like marketing, sales, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and what not. Latest technologies assist them in simplifying the various business processes. One of such technologies is digital signage that has gained immense popularity amongst the companies who aspire to go digital in order to channelize their marketing efforts.

‘Digital Signage’, it’s a promotional, interactive, and informative platform that communicates with the world by displaying the messages on electronic screens. Design breathtaking business banners of single large-format screens or multi-screen videos, larger to the smaller format in all shapes and sizes, shelf edge display and tablet device, free-standing kiosks, and more. Choose one or pick any combination that suits to your core needs.

Though most of the businesses realized the importance of digital signage solutions, still there are a few organizations who do not agree to use the technology. Here, we have listed out a few core and key strategic benefits of having the digital signboard in place.

Why Should Organizations Seriously Consider The Digital Signage?

1. Effective Information Distribution

Share the information across the wider user base using the digital signage software. Let’s take an example of the banking sector. When there is any change in a service or product of the bank, they just need to update the information at a single place. Cloud-based digital signage instantly publishes the new data in defined geographical boundaries. Moreover, it is quite easy to update the details in a simple and timely manner, from any remote location using the digital solution.

2. Brand Awareness

Customers do not prefer to purchase the products from an unknown brand. They feel faith and reliability while buying from a renowned company. Digital sign board helps organizations in brand building by blowing an air of awareness amongst the target audience. Create an exciting marketing campaign and run it on signage boards installed in retail stores. It allows organizations to reach out the wider customer base and educate them about the quality of products.

3. Customer Engagement

Release static or interactive content on the digital signage solutions to boost up interaction with the customers. Static content displays the information on an electronic board such as restaurant menu boards.
While interactive content does not only display the information but also allows consumers to interact with the solution through touch. It permits customers to make selections with the act of touching and be a participant rather than a viewer. Best examples of interactive digital signage software are bank ATM, shopping mall, wayfinding display, trade show, self-help applications, etc.

4. Incremental Sales

Create effective marketing campaigns for outdoor digital boards to promote your products/services. A brilliant campaign engages the viewers and encourages them to walk into the store. Also, install digital signage solutions in the store at various places to educate customers with the available offers. Eventually, the buyers end up by purchasing the best deal products. Thus, digital sign board drives tremendous customer engagement and generates immense revenue for the business.

If you are running a business that releases the updates of products/services on a frequent basis, then endorsing the brand through printed material is not a right option. All your printing efforts and papers are in vain. Digital signage software can save a significant amount of cost by allowing companies to create digital content that is easy to edit and quick to publish.

Whenever you feel a message is outdated, create the new one and publish it on the digital board. Keep your content always fresh and relevant in order to gain a competitive edge. Thus, it’s an extremely flexible and highly cost-effective solution for the companies.

5. Customer Experience

Customers like to have quick access to the information about the products/services they are looking for. Digital signage solutions provide them the required insights quickly and effectively. Imagine when the consumers see the digital campaign and realize they exactly want the same product. They immediately visit your store and make a purchase. Digital signage is a great way to earn good words for your brand too.

6. Display Portfolio and Awards/Recognitions

Publishing customers ratings, reviews, and testimonials on the digital signage solutions, companies can improve the reliability of their products/services. Also, mention the certifications and awards while launching a marketing campaign on digital signage. It increases the credibility of a brand amongst its target market.

7. Manifest Seasonal Offers and Featured Items

To gain competitive advantages, companies have to keep updating their products or services on the frequent basis. Releasing seasonal offers and limited time items, brands can keep the customers returning. With digital signage, companies can create an advertisement and rotate it at regular intervals.

8. Improve Brand Recall

The visual presentation is always more appealing than text. An attractive design with a vibrant color combination and appealing font style stays in the mind of users for a long time. It improves the brand recall value of an organization. Moreover, it is proven that the digital signage solution captures more views than a traditional one.

Are the above-mentioned advantages enough to convince you to own a robust digital signage? If yes, then just give a call to our team for Xynage installation. We have successfully implemented our digital signage software across versatile industry domains. Brands are able to accomplish their ultimate business objectives using the avant-garde product.

In case, you are not clear about the role of the digital signboard in improving your bottom line, connect with experts to resolve all your queries and concerns.