Digital signage for hotel

Increase revenue by maximize the guest experience with digital signage for hotel.

Increase your revenue by upselling your services by sharing guest-centric information, promotional content, and daily events update via digital signage for hotel and resorts.

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Advertisement platform

Leverage digital signage as an additional channel to advertise the product and services of your partners and sponsors. It will help you to earn extra revenue.

Way finding tool

Use digital sign boards to show the map of your premise and help guests to navigate their rooms and explore your hotel or resort.

Brand building

Display your key achievements, highlight hotel features and services, show vendor testimonials, and other news about your hotel to build your brand.

Concierge facility

Display daily schedules, restaurant reservation, on-site amenities, their contacts, and daily events and other facilities of your hotel.

Gain a competitive edge by employing digital signage into your hotel or resort

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Key benefits of digital signage for hotel


Easy to Handle Multiple Locations

Xynage CMS enables users to instantly update content on a single click for multiple locations with just a few clicks.


Real-time RSS Feed

Display reviews and feedback from different channels such as websites and social media by integrating real-time RSS feed in digital signage for hotel.


Maximum Utilization of a Display

Digital signage solutions like Xynage allows you to divide a display into multiple sections and showcase different things in each section.


Reduce Wait Time for Guests

Digital signage for hotel helps you to answer common questions of your guests and free up your staff to attend important needs.


Automatic Scheduling

Automatically schedule content such as news, weather forecast, etc. in the digital signage near the reception area to engage guests.


Multi-user Control

Allow your managers to change and update digital signboards in your hotel by providing them full or limited access to the CMS.

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