10 Most Innovative Digital Signage Use Cases, Ever

Every day we come across numerous digital signage displays and billboards. They are everywhere, from airports and malls to offices and restaurants. However, from time to time advertising and activation agencies do something that goes beyond the routine. Here is a compilation top 10 most innovative digital signage use cases, ever:

The highest goal by Adidas

Adidas, launched this campaign in Tokyo, placing the interactive projection 200 meters above the ground. Users had to download an App to throw the football. The campaign was highly popular and was covered by media outlets across the world.

Anti-smoking campaign by Swedish pharmacy Hjartat

Last year in December Swedish pharmacy Hjartat deployed digital displays equipped with built-in smoke detectors in the streets of Stockholm. The person in the display used to start coughing as soon as someone smoked near the billboard. This campaign was run with the slogan – “New year, new resolutions” prompting users to adopt a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking.

International Women’s Day campaign by Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid is a charity working against domestic violence. Launched on International Women’s Day in London, the above campaign depicted a woman badly beaten and bruised. With facial recognition technology, the billboard was able to account how many people were looking at it, and the bruises healed accordingly. The advertisers wanted to convey that taking notice of the issue is the first step towards bringing the change.

NCDV ‘Drag Him Away’ Campaign

The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV), UK also launched an interactive billboard campaign at Euston Station asking people to intervene and stop domestic violence. For interacting with the large screen and “drag the abuser” away, users need to just enter the web address on their smartphones or scan the featured QR code.

Apolosophy by Apotek

Subway commuters in Stockholm were pleasantly shocked to see this innovative product launch. Ultrasonic sensors were employed to start a video loop as soon as a train arrived near the billboard.

McDonald’s on Piccadilly Circus

This campaign perhaps drew its inspiration from the tourists at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The idea is simple yet very effective in engaging crowds.

Unbelievable Bus Shelter by Pepsi Max

This one highlights how Digital Signage can be integrated with Augmented Reality to create mind-blowing effects, and increase engagement. People can be seen shooting a selfie video with the immersive technology.

Lookup by British Airways

This campaign helped British Airways highlight its long list of destinations. To execute it antennae were placed on the roof of nearby buildings. The antennae were designed to pick up data from the transponders of British Airways aircrafts within 200 kilometers and relay it to an application designed for identifying the flights. Few more systems were involved in the backend to ascertain right timing, correct information and also that the information was displayed only when a aircraft was visible to naked eye.

Nike Fuelstation

In this campaign motion-sensitive mirrors were used for displaying a pre-recorded footage of local runners wearing products from the store as customers walk past them. Store visitors can also access more information on products or order online using the interactive touchscreens.

Miami Heat’s Xfinity Plaza

Digital signage can add significant value to aesthetics of any public space. It’s increasingly being employed by architects and designers to create amazing experiences. The Miami HEAT’s Xfinity Plaza is one great example of how to convert an unused space into a happening hangout.

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