Go Digital with Xynage! A Smart Choice For Your Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

Gone are the days to select the food items from a printed menu. We live in an era of digitization where we have sophisticated digital signage solutions in place.

Restaurant signages create a bridge between food courts and visitors by displaying the food items in an impressive format. The solution communicates significant information in an attractive and appealing way that profoundly affects the customers buying decisions and also triggers the repeat visit.

Well, you have to take the pain in order to find out the best restaurant menu software provider company who already serves to the industry since pretty long. Pick a renowned solution to drive immense customer engagement. The reliable product works as a marketing representative and supports you in brand building by conveying important details through stunning visuals.

Wanna some concrete reasons why your restaurant business requires digital signage? Here you can go.

Top Reasons to have Restaurant Digital Menu Boards


All the static food menu and promotional and seasonal display posters are printed on papers. For every minor edit, you have to throw out the old material, and again print the new ones. Imagine the wastage of papers and printing and distribution efforts. More importantly, your time and money are in vain.

The digital restaurant menu takes away all these pains by replacing the traditional menu display pattern. It saves paper and efforts of production, printing, shipping, and disposal of the printed menu.

Improved Flexibility

As mentioned above, it’s not possible to add or remove any information in the printed menu. Restaurant menu software enables owners with extreme flexibility by allowing them to edit the content as per the changing needs. Now, it’s quite easy to add or edit or delete any seasonal items, update the existing menu board, make changes in pricing, etc.

If you are a large food chain having multiple outlets at various locations, then a digital signage solution permits to modify the info from admin panel. The updated data will be available across all your outlets as per the defined local, regional, and national boundaries.

Instant Feedback

Are you launching new or special items on a frequent basis? Do you want customers to try it and share the feedback with you? Use a digital menu board to convey the new or special food items to the customers. When consumers order that particular item, you can get the chance to collect their feedback and improve the item accordingly. Compare the featured items with the new or special one to gain better insights about customers’ preferences.

At any point in time, if you feel that your experiment is not working up to the mark, then you have liberty to remove that item from your menu. So, there is no long-term commitment.

Greater Customer Experience

Add values to the customer’s experience by displaying engaging and entertaining content on the restaurant menu boards. Run the promos, content, videos, community-specific features, details of the special item, etc. on a custom digital display using incredible visuals. Leverage the improved sales, customer loyalty, and repeat purchase. The solutions reduce the perceived waiting time by speeding up the processes of order placement and order delivery.

Increased Engagement

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and what if a picture is having the content of yummy food items with high definition graphics and bright and attractive colors. It’s so tempting. Definitely, customers get attracted to the visuals and order the tastiest looking items. Comparing with printed menu, the digital display is too engaging.

Moreover, owners can address the needs of the customers by highlighting seasonal and special items during the specific time at particular locations. Hence, customized approach drives effective engagement that strongly affects the buying pattern of customers and makes up-selling effortless.

Advanced Transparency

Exhibit the food items on the restaurant signages along with the ingredients they contain. It proves the quality of the food and helps you in maintaining transparency with new local and federal legislation by mentioning the nutritions available in food items in the digital menu. Also, it’s very useful to the consumers. They can avoid the items having allergenic ingredients and follow their dietary restrictions.

Reduced Cost

Decrease the recurring cost of printing, production, and distribution of the physical material using restaurant menu boards. Nowadays, digital signage is a widely accepted concept. It’s almost available in all the popular food outlets. It allows restaurants to edit the menu to meet changing preferences of the customers and display the new one instantly.

Better Consistency

Enjoy the brand continuity and consistency with the digital restaurant menu. The product allows owners to maintain the content from the remote location through a centralized management system. You can have the unique content across all your food outlets available locally, regionally and nationally. It is quite easy to update the digital content that helps in offering a seamless and cross-location customer experience without compromising the flexibility.


From small restaurant owners to large-scale food chains have set up the digital signage solutions for their outlets. It shows that the technology is booming across the restaurant domain. Publishing polished and branded content on the restaurant menu boards, you can earn customer loyalty and confidence, improve consumer experience and perception, drive better sales, and generate greater ROI.

When it comes to digital signages, Xynage is the perfect choice for your restaurant business. Currently, we are serving the Xynage software to the popular food chain McDonald’s in south and west India regions. Being a leading restaurant menu software provider company, we are constantly exploring and adopting the latest trends and technologies of digital signage. We excel in developing customized digital signage software as per the client’s specific business requirements.