Digital signage for Multiplexes

Engage your customers by displaying movie trailers and promos on digital sign boards using Xynage

Use our digital signage solutions to showcase upcoming movie trailers, motion posters, show timings, movie ratings and reviews, seat map and availability on digital sign boards and video walls.

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Digital menu boards

Xynage allow you to implement new menu or update price changes within a few clicks, display offers based on weather, festival or any local event, etc.

Box office menu boards

Help cinema-goers to learn about “now showing” films, auditorium numbers, screening times, and movie schedules for today and for next few days.

Wayfinding information

Help cinema-goers to find their way to the right auditorium, food court or restaurant by showing them directions using a digital map.

Experience wall

Engage cinema-goers in the waiting lobby by showing them posters, videos, and trailers of upcoming motion pictures using video walls.

Deliver rich and engaging content to your customers with our simple digital signage solutions

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Key benefits of digital signage for enterprises


Increase Ticket Sales

Display highly interactive and enticing digital content to your customers near the ticket counter and food courts to increase sales.


Efficient Management

Use digital signage to effectively manage customers and employees by providing the right information at the right time and place.


Boost Loyalty

Our custom CMS helps you to easily manage various loyalty programs across the multiplex to increase customer loyalty.


Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Engage cinema-goers in the waiting area using next-generation video wall and experience wall solutions from Xynage.


Increase Revenue From Ads

Use digital signage to show advertisements of various vendors near the waiting area, food counter, and ticket counter to increase revenue.


Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operating costs by easily managing all the digital content of different signages and experience walls within a few clicks.

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