The Next-gen Digital Signage Solution

Simple. Secure. Superfast.

Xynage is a simple and flexible Digital Signage Solution which amplifies the impact of your message via DIGITAL SCREENS

Enabling Smarter Communications

Xynage gives you the flexibility to mix images, videos, tweets and tickers, all at the same time!


Xynage Integrates with

  • ERP


  • crm


  • POS




How Xynage Works


Features & Benefits


Wide range of media support

Drive maximum attention by designing content with a number of images, videos, tweets and much more.


Effortless menu board creation

With simple drag and drop tool, interactive and personalized content can be created via CMS. Also, you can offer a great composite experience by overlaying video over image or vice-versa.


Central management

Decentralized content can be managed either via your own CMS or using our hassle-free Cloud Hosting. You can remotely control and manage the content with zero maintenance.


Automatic scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows changes in content on daily, weekly and monthly basis automatically. Event based schedules are perfect for running new product, special event or festival campaigns. Display what you want, where you want and when you want.


Offline mode

Xynage can display already scheduled content even without an Internet connection. In the absence of Internet connectivity, all content is stored in local storage of Xynage player. Content and schedule updates are pushed to the players automatically when Internet connection resumes

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