How to Improve Employee Communication with Digital Signage? [18 Proven Ways]

Digital signage not only serves the purpose of more than commercial displays. Even you can make your workplace better with digital signage by making it a channel of internal communication across your organization. Along with improving good digital signage employee communication, the technology allows you to focus on improving employee collaboration, engagement, alignment, and even the basic level communication as well.

If you have the right technology, it can change even unheard messages to the next level. This provides an enhanced workplace communication digital signage to your employees and the organization.

We all know how companies are emerging and blooming in the market. To manage the staying competition, you need some new inventions to keep coming to beat the heat. To make this possible, definitely, as an organization, you require a robust network of extraordinary communication practices and tools, which digital signage can do this work for you.

18 ways of how digital signage helps improve employee communication

Some may find it crazy to read this article, as it talks about general aspects of digital signage and how to approach it. Yet, only these are the ways that you can consider and implement whichever is suitable.

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1. Allow employees to come up with ideas

You never know who has a great talent and what that talent can do to your business. The traditional way of conveying ideas restrict employees from speaking out because they have to communicate only with their direct managers or to their peers hiding behind the bush. But with the arrival of digital solutions, the activity has been made easier and flexible as well.

Employees can now provide their business ideas in the software that directly goes to the manager’s approval and upon approval; it can be displayed on the digital signboards. This is one way of developing employee empowerment that gives them a trust that somebody is there to hear them up.

2. Let employees know their co-workers

With digital signage, you can create a strong platform among employees of the same organization and know each other well. Many of your employees may have joined for a particular designation but would be interested in some other area of specialization.

By knowing each other, they can take steps to move forward when you announce internal job postings. Though skillset and experience are mandatory, still it automatically lets you know who suits the post best.

Using digital signage, you can display employee profiles that have name, department, achievements, fun aspects, personal aspects, etc. according to the organization culture. You can even use digital signage solutions for promoting an employee. It helps you assess them correctly and ensure the right person gets the promotion.

3. Connect the software to your internal social network

Internal communication strategies always work well with employees. Be it feedback, global announcement, rewards and recognition, budding entrepreneur motivation programs, and so everyone should know it.

No employee likes to go for a traditional approach to employment and internal growth. Moreover, internal communication has a positive outlook on the company’s hierarchy due to the free flow of information and ideas in every possible direction.


4. Circulate a digital version of your company’s newsletter

Rather than spending time sitting and reading newsletters at the desk, employees like to view it as an e-newsletter because they can read it in their leisure time, and whatever it has been published in the newsletter goes into their mind.

The average click rate of the digitized newsletter is 14% overall. You can add as many columns you want in the newsletter and make it sweet and short. The design looks attractive in digital rather than printed copies.

5. Publicize special internal events

You might have arranged for an internal event at your company and send the invitation to employees across through e-mail. Not many can remember about it. An event becomes successful when it gets feedback. Digital signage can reach your event to your target audience by making it visible wherever they are inside the organization.

6. Conduct a teambuilding quiz

Your employees should know about your company completely. You can use digital signage to run a team-building quiz that encourages employee alignment with the company, brand story, history, personnel, etc. You can use the digital boards to display the winners of the quiz, which, in turn, motivates those who do not show interest.

# Well-being

7. Entertain healthy behavior and wellness

Keep your staff healthy and happy so that they will act more productive. Give surprises by offering wellness-related perks so that your staff might eagerly look at digital displays to know what it is. It could be a food item, fruit, or fitness-related vouchers they can utilize for the entire day. This will reflect on their behavior with on-boarding new employees and take ownership of educating them about the company.

8. Update the office environment

Providing a great and pleasant office environment shows the impact on higher productivity and interest in work, of employees. Digital signage can not only be used for displaying official pictures or engagements. You can even display pleasant pictures that keep employees’ mood intact at work.

10. Establish fun at workplace

Display digital boards with humorous acts; it could be in images or videos. Nowadays, employees love to have fun at the workplace with digital signs. But make sure that it does not go beyond restrictions.


11. Provide training videos

It is a known fact that effective training is very difficult to achieve. But with digital videos, it is a unique thing. Most companies have an in-house digital video production team to make effective videos for employees to get the best out of it.

12. Perform a skill-based learning program

You can choose any topic or technology related to your business and display information and facts and its usage on the digital board. This will develop an employee’s skills regularly and keep them up to date.

13. Show employees, they are not alone

An employee may have many questions in mind and thinks that no one else has asked questions and may show hesitation. You can display the list of questions and answers, along with those who have raised them as well. This will make others feel that they are not alone.

14. Keep reminding about the internal knowledge base

Whenever you have a huge hiring plan, first make use of your employees to refer resources because it yields quality resources. You can display the information on digital boards with all details specified under the position open.


15. Showcase employee contributions

Use digital signage to display employee contributions by announcing star performer of the month, quarter, etc. so that others get motivated, which again improves the employee productivity and quality of work.

16. Talk about your company’s brand story often

Display pictures and videos of your company’s internal products through digital storytelling. It influences your employees and spreads through word of mouth communication that helps in generating sales.

17. Highlight the company’s achievements

Display about the company’s achievements and make it visible for all employees so that they get motivated and give their best for the company’s well-development.

18. Explain your company goals

Like how it is good to share your company’s achievements, it is also important that you share about your goals before you achieve them. Then only it keeps your employees motivated and contribute as much as they can.

Keep those company goals you share with your employees focused and in a positive manner so that it drives performance and allows everyone to be on the same page.

By sharing your strategies through digital signage, allows employees to think from your shoes and come up with suggestions or feedback, for you to consider and postpone for the next. Moreover, it ensures transparency between you and your employees.


Hoping you received a good piece of information about digital signage and how to implement it effectively for your employees. Feel free to contact our customer support agent for any queries on digital signage.

Frequently asked questions on How to Improve Employee Communication with Digital Signage:

1. How digital signage fits into my workplace?

Digital signage is a versatile solution that not only helps in modernizing your organization and giving a new look to it but also to make employees know about the company and what they do. Any company can incorporate digital signage for better employee communication and empowerment.

2. What are the benefits of digital signage?

First, you get brand consistency; second, it is easy to set up and easy to use as well; third, it delivers engaging dynamic content; fourth, it ensures proper workforce communication and finally, it improves the reach of communication.

3. Why should I go for digital signage?

The primary reason is it is cheaper than print media and provides the ability to receive more responses. Also, you can change the content according to changing moods and reflects immediate changes or communication.

4. Will it cost high to implement digital signage?

As mentioned previously, it is cheaper than print media. All you have to do is work out on the cost requirement of software, hardware, content, and promotion management so that you get to the endpoint.