Why Retailers Switching to Interactive Signage?

If you have been reading our blogs regularly, then you must already be well aware of interactive signage. We have spoken so much about interactive digital signage and its benefits many times. This blog is for retailers and small-medium business units, who struggle to survive in overwhelming competition.

Digital signage for retailers is popular these days as it yields amazing revenue with building constant customer relationships as well. If you are a retailer and have not adopted digital signage into your business yet, then you should definitely read this blog. Existing digital signage users can also read to know if they can find any betterment.

Top 8 considerations about interactive signage for your business

This section talks about the benefits of implementing interactive signage in a retail business. Before proceeding, make sure whether digital signage suits your type of business.

#1: Improve target traffic

In today’s world, we could see a plethora of businesses barging, in which retail is one of the fastest-growing sectors, which is capable of achieving constant success upon adopting digital signage.

Otherwise, beating the competition in the current scenario becomes worse. We all are addicts towards screens when something is displayed because it can catch our attention easily. If your audience finds something relevant or what they have been looking for, it automatically drives traffic to your store.

Previously, displays were only here and there and you cannot even predict whether it has reached your target audience. But it is not the case with interactive digital signage. You are not too late to consider digital signage but prolonging can lead to downsizing or loss in business.

#2: Enhance purchasing decisions

A recent statistical survey says that almost 40% of customers change their purchasing decisions many times with digital display boards of their favorite products.

Moreover, with digital displays in social media, 44% of customers say that they get influenced and change their buying tendency. It not only helps customers choose what they want without spending more time in your store but at the same time, gives ample time to buy without forcing any constraint.

It is also important what kind of content you display on your digital signboards in the store. Your display design and content should be appealing and attractive that customers should give a minute to walk into your store.

#3: Reuse your social media content

Engaging and influencing shoppers through social media are the best and effective methods to follow in retail businesses. But it is not easy all the time. Getting likes for your page or posts is quite difficult in social media unless you have something like a center of attraction for your customers.

Digital signage gives you the opportunity to repurpose your social media content and display it in front of your audience by adding more spice or attractions to it. You can now upload live feeds in social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and you can share the same content by making minimal changes if any from one app to all other apps simultaneously.

This helps you stay one step ahead to your competitors, who are all online seeking customer attention, along with positioning your content close and prior to them.

#4: Engage customers through entertainment

A recent survey by Urban Land Institute states that 50% and 70% of millennial men and women, respectively, like some entertainment form of products or services to shop and share with their family and friends.

We know that digital signs are obviously a form of entertainment that allows you to share right from social media to videos, news, and dashboard feeds. With this, your brand gets automatically extended to a wider range of people and throughout the store.

You need not just display serious product content or information on the screen. To attract your customers, you can create funny content and display on retail launches if any, or any peak sale time.

#5: Keep up the digital presence

Due to social media being popular for digital signs, you don’t need to give more importance to it and leave your in-store without a digital presence.

You should remember that a physical store is a base for publicizing on social media. Customers who watch your digital displays on social media, definitely most of them come to your store for purchase. So make your store’s digital presence extremely well such that your online digital presence should follow it and vice-versa.

#6: Achieve more sales

Customers believe what you display on your digital signboards. It makes them feel confident in their buying decision, which increases your sales value in turn. You can upsell all your products directly through digital signage and display offers and discounts on specific products for the day, which makes even their product search easy.

People follow digital signs as way-finder to toilets, help points, or provide emergency information if any. You can reduce the count of your staff and places in-charge if you have digital displays everywhere. Moreover, you can change the setup of your physical store by having digital signs.

#7: Make products display extensive

In a recent survey conducted by Accenture, 92% of shoppers said that real-time product availability influences them, which is possible through digital signage. Digital screens are the best way to categorize your items and change them according to the demand for specific products.

You can change your displays according to seasons and occasions that your customers may prefer. For example, if it is a rainy season, make umbrellas, raincoats, jackets, etc. Likewise, make your displays attractive as per your products and seasons.

#8: Brush up your communication

You can use digital signage for enhancing internal communications with staff. In case you are circulating any newsletter or a new health and safety manual, how will you know how many of your staff are reading it?

You cannot go and check every individual if it has reached them or have they read it. Instead, if you display the information with impressive images, it appears in front of everyone and gets registered in their mind as well.

You know where your employees and staff mostly are available; so you can fix digital signboards with the information you want to convey, effortlessly, and effectively. Moreover, digital signage makes your staff feel happy with what they do, as it provides a learning curve within the organization.


Interactive signage is the new era of technology that supports all types of businesses’ growth extensively. If you wish to achieve success in a short time, digital signage can help you with more than you expect.

Nevertheless, opting for digital signage solutions at this time is worth your investment. You can reach our customer support representatives for any queries on interactive digital signage. Do you have any Digital Signage requirements? Let’s talk!

Frequently asked questions

1. How does interactive signage benefit your business?

Interactive signage benefits you with money and gaining customer trust. If you cannot get hold of customer trust, then you may not generate revenue forever. If you can make a vital place both physically and morally to your customers through digital signage and engage them in viewing and shopping your products, then you definitely see success soon.

2. Should I ignore traditional physical signage?

No, you need not ignore physical signage because you might require it in some cases where you cannot apply digital signage. But it is also important for you to understand that you need not put your 100% effort in digital signage as you do it for the other one. Always make the deal equal between physical and digital signage because one should go alongside with the other. That is how you improve your sales and customer-reach inside and outside the store.

3. How to know if my business fits into digital signage?

Digital signage greatly supports retail businesses, which encounter tough competition and of course, large scale enterprises too. If your business has loads of information to convey and products or services that attract customers’ preferences, then digital signage can definitely come into your business. For example, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, educational institutions, etc. can have interactive digital signage.

4. How much does it cost for incorporating digital signage?

It is not that difficult to calculate expenses that digital signage could incur for your business. You require certain components such as LED displays, media players, networking, mounting, etc. If you can collect and estimate, then all you have to do is hiring a manager who can handle content for display. But digital sign boards are not really costly nowadays when you think of its cost during inception. So being a businessman, interactive digital signage is very well affordable; if not, you can start with minimal displays in the beginning and improve as in when you grow.