How Digital Signage Impacts Customer’s Buying Process?

Retailers adopt the latest technologies and different marketing strategies to drive more customer engagement and increase sales. Using digital signage for retail, retailers enable buyers with helpful information through rich visuals. The technology allows them to deliver excellent customer experience and attain their business objectives.

With the help of digital displays, retailers can share basic information and promote their offerings to the customers easily. But, the digital display allows retailers to influence the shopper’s buying process in different ways. Let’s understand how.

How Digital Signage Is Helping Retailers?

Appeal to your target audience through digital menu boards

If you have ever visited the quick service restaurants, you may have observed that they have started displaying all the food items on the digital menu boards instead of printed menu cards.

The food chains shifted to the digital menu board to achieve accuracy and timeliness. It enables restaurant owners with the flexibility to add mouth-watering visuals along with the updated content that increases sales.

Not just restaurants, but other domains start from automotive service shops to salons can promote their products and services using advanced digital signage solutions.

How digital signage menu boards help retailers?

Using the motions and visuals in the digital content, retailers can a big impact on the target audience.

If we talk in the context of restaurants, then digital signage allows them to run different menus for different times such as breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Other businesses can update the promotion of products or services as the customers’ interests and preferences change. Thus, it helps businesses stay tuned with the ever-changing expectations of the shoppers.

When you want to update the printed menu, you need to pass through a process of designing, approving, printing, shipping, and mounting the menu cards. To complete this process, you need at least one week.

While digital menu boards allow you to update your digital content with a few mouse clicks and a few keystrokes. Using integrated data and ready to use templates of digital signage solution, you can automate the content update process.

Deliver breathtaking customer experience through the video wall

Retail is one of the highly competitive domains. Retailers invest a lot of effort, time, and money to have success survival. To gain a competitive edge, they started focusing on delivering a better customer experience that attracts the buyers and nurtures their loyalty.

One of the proven ways to deliver a better customer experience is through your store look. One of such popular aspects of digital signage solution that helps in driving customer attention is the digital display. Previously, the display screens considered as a sales tool. But, these days, they are considered as core design features.

Today, so many features are available in the digital signage solutions but one of the highly impactful features is an LED video wall. It’s a direct view LED technology that retailers can consider for the key wall for their store.

Before considering the LED technology, you have to understand its several attributes:

  • LED video walls are smooth and display the images or videos through the unbreakable visual canvas
  • LED video walls are available with the most architectural surfaces and dimensions
  • LED video walls are flexible and can be as tall, narrow and wide as needed
  • LED ensures for displaying rich visuals in any situation regardless of bright sunlight or in-store lighting
  • The technology offers a variety of structural design and pixel pitches. It allows to run video walls regardless of locations and viewing distance within your budgetary constraints.

Create an unmatchable impression

Every brick and mortar retailer wants to increase customer footfalls in the store that directly impact their sales funnel. To achieve these objectives, the retailers need to create an outstanding impression that entices customers to visit the store and make a shopping.

Big brands can take the help of visual merchandising by displaying the best products at the windows of their store. But, for most retailers, it is not possible to create a window space in their stores. Digital signage solutions can make a difference for small to midsized retailers.

Digital displays play a key role in presenting products or services to the customers. While selecting display screens, make sure it consists of advanced configurations of brightness and other components. To create an impact on the customer’s buying journey through digital displays, you can use a variety of screens.

  • Tell your brand story or generate a visual excitement for your customers using LED or LCD video wall screens
  • Run a video clip that presents the essential attribute of your products on display screens
  • Replace your call to action poster and sales promotions with a super bright screen

Build a holistic digital experience through Xynage

If you really want to deliver the best experience and not just product or service, then you should consider digital signage for your retail business. Xynage is a feature-rich digital signage solution that allows you to run video walls on the advanced digital displays and deliver a better customer experience.

We have installed signage solutions for the leading brands such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and more to help them with sales and marketing as well as digital menu boards. By allowing businesses to run timely content and visuals, we help them to stay ahead in completion and remain top of the mind of customers.

Would you like to install the robust Xynage solution to leave a long-lasting impression on your shoppers? Get in touch with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Signage Solutions in Retail

Why is digital signage important for retail business?

Digital signage solutions allow retailers to communicate important messages, share information, run promotions, and advertisements for buyers to encourage them to make a purchase.

What are the advantages of digital signage?

When you shift all the printed marketing material to the digital platform, you can save a lot of expenses and time. You can save on the storage and logistics of marketing material as well as the printing cost. Moreover, the digital signage solutions help businesses to focus on churning out high-quality graphics and content.

What are the benefits of digital signage to your business?

Using a digital signage solution, retailers can achieve greater customer satisfaction, improved customer engagement, impulsive purchasing, higher business growth, and more business opportunities.

How much does digital signage cost?

The highly customized digital signage solutions are available at $50,000 and more than that. The simple and least expensive signage solutions are available around $15,000-$25,000. Moreover, you can either purchase the software outright or lease a solution as a way to finance them.