19 Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage To Engage Your Viewers

Digital Signage is among the communication solutions that every business/organization utilizes it for promoting their products or services. It is a public display sign/content usually displayed in digital displays like LCD, LED, and so.

The ultimate goal of using Digital Signage Display by the business/organization is to deliver or to reach the potential customers by displaying targeted messages/products. Apart from that, here are the few other benefits shop owners can avail by using digital signage effectively.

Benefits of Digital Signage

When compared with all other existing marketing ideas, digital signage solutions are the latest fad and more practical way of approaching the target audience/customers effectively. Here are the lists of few vital benefits shop owners can avail by using this high-tech advertising/marketing system.

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Reusable
  • Attractive

19 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage

Wondering about how to make use of the digital signage displays wisely for promoting your business/organization! Well, you are in the right place; here we have listed 19 creative ways to use digital signage displays wisely by the business owners.

1. Welcome with a Custom Message

Digital signage displays can be used as a welcoming board for consumers, guests, or employees with a custom message. This could be a great way of branding your business to the next level by reaching your business among the clients/consumers in a peculiar way.

2. Showcase a Product, Item or Service

Digital signage can be a great platform where business owners can visualize or display their products or service for reaching potential consumers. It is a potential advertising platform where owners can effectively advertise their products and services.

3. Sharing Information with Customers/Staffs

Business owners can use Digital Signage Displays as a perfect medium for sharing vital information among the staff and customers. The information might be personalized one or may directly link with your business product or service but it acts as a valuable platform for creating bonds with staff and customers.

4. Celebrations

Instead of celebrating an employee’s birthday or any other important functions, you can make use of the digital signage displays for sharing your love among your employees. Also, this will be a great way of showing how much importance the company shows on its employee’s work and commitment.

5. Share Social Media

There won’t be fun greater than sharing lovable events or moments with friends and colleagues. Start displaying all those fun-filled events shared by the employees or viral posts in social media on your office digital signage displays. This will encourage employees to be more fun and can lay a path to social campaigns.

6. Calendar of Events

Despite focusing only on the internal business’s event, both employees and employers should give importance to the events happening outside of the business. The digital signage displays can be utilized as an event displayer for both internal and externals for bringing those inside the office.

7. Easy Visualization through Mapping

Digital signage solutions have offered an awesome way for reaching business way beyond geographical context. With the aid of easy visualization and mapping technology, businesses can surprise or delight consumers and as well as the employees. By the way, it lay a strong foundation for business growth.

8. Displaying Breaking News

We are living in a busy world, where things are happening certainly fast. In today’s fast phased world, having a well-determined communication channel becomes inevitable. Therefore, owing to a reputable cloud-based signage software for delivering emergency announcements, breaking news, office meeting schedules to employees will be beneficial.

9. Showcase Business Story

Digital signage displays can be wisely utilized to showcase the business success/growth story along with consumer’s stories on using your products/services. This will elaborate on how your business product or service is valuable to your consumers. By doing this, you can steer your organization or business towards the success path.

10. Sell Ad Space To Business and Complimentary Services

When it comes to running a successful business, having a strong bonding with other business owners is an inevitable thing. Also, offering a complimentary service for your clients by displaying their ads on your digital signage boards, this will surely portray how much value you are giving to your clients. Besides, you build a relationship with new business owners by selling ads on your office digital signage displays and make some revenue from it.

11. Live streaming Events

If you want to stream your office events or gatherings with your staff, clients, or potential audience, then you can use this digital signage display for streaming the events lively. By streaming them live, you are able to engage with more potential consumers of your business and to show them how much importance you are giving to your office staff and valuable consumers.

12. Live Customer Support

Instead of sticking with the old school methodology on offering customer care support, you can try out an innovative way of handing consumers/customers through digital signage solutions. Customers can interact with the support staff of your business through the digital screen with the aid of live chatting software.

13. Sharing Health and Wellness Tips

Apart from just promoting your business growth and sales, you can use this digital signage display for sharing a useful social message of how to live a healthy life by offering expert tips on health and wellness to your consumers/customers. By doing so, you are able to promote healthy habits among your potential clients/consumers, staff, and so on.

14. Posting New Jobs and Staff’s Referral Incentives

Digital Signage Solutions can be used wisely for posting new jobs and to display referral incentive details for working staff to boost their referral activities. Also, job posting on digital signage boards will attract more potential candidates with the aid of creativeness. Also, as an owner, you may have a chance of getting potential candidates without spending much on marketing.

15. Showcase Reviews

Having a positive impact or building a trust factor is essential for owners to experience success in business. Showcasing the other customer’s endorsements or positive feedback over your business products will create immense trust among the people and enforce them to turn out as legitimate consumers for your business.

16. Event Promotion

Promotion plays a vital role when it comes to business success. Business promotion and business successes are directly proportional to each other. Despite spending a lot on promoting your business event or products you can simply utilize the modern-day digital signage boards for reaching your events/products to the target audience without any hassle.

17. Can Project Date, Time, and Weather

Instead of having boring wall clocks and calendars at your office, you can make use of a digital signage board for projecting the exact date and time along with various essential information like instant/latest weather reports to your employees. By doing so, your staff and consumers can feel updated with all this information and stay alert over the disastrous events.

18. Answering Top FAQs

Are you fed up with answering the same questions again and again? Try to be innovative by implementing the digital signage displays for showcasing the desired answers for the top FAQs which are often repeated by the consumers/customers. By doing so, you can clear the doubts of your consumers/customers without being exhausted by keeping repeating the same answers for every customer/consumer.

19. Generating Customer Testimonials

Well, testimonials and reviews from the consumers lay a strong foundation for growing reputation. With the advancement of modern-day technology, business owners can utilize their digital signage solutions for gathering customer’s testimonials over their business service, products, and so on. All those collected details may act as the perfect feedback for your business.


Besides, you can find a lot of unique ways and creative digital signage ideas for promoting your business products or services by simply surfing the internet. Utilizing the above-mentioned list of ways in office, you surely boost the communication/engagement strategies among the employees apart from just promoting products and services.

Frequently Answered Question on Using Digital Signage

1. Who Often Prefers to Use Digital Signage?

The flexibility and easiness of digital signs are the great things that trigger almost every sector including, retail sales, Tourism, Marketing, Health, Education, Media, entertainment, public, private, banks, and so on. Digital signage helps businesses/organizations to drive the attention of the target/potential customers.

2. What do I require to Setup a Digital Signage Display for my shop?

In basic, you will need two primary components for setting a digital signage display.

  • Digital Display Unit (LCD, LED, Projection Display, and so)
  • Digital Display Software

Besides, the modern digital signage system not only displays the content instead it has become a sensor that collects the viewers’ details with the aid of using signage audience Measurements and by using various analysis tools.

3. What Kind of Content Shall I Show in the Digital Signage Unit?

You can use any type of content for promoting your products and services. A digital Signage display unit is capable of showing a wide range of content including all video formats, all image formats, all animation formats, simple text content, and so.

4. What Would Be The Future Of Digital Signage?

Currently, digital signage solutions utilize touch screens for interaction however experts predict implementation of advanced interactive medium like speech recognition, motion sensors, gesture recognition, geo-location-based interactions, and so on.