5 Digital Signage Best Practices during COVID-19

In our previous blogs, we have discussed digital signage, its benefits to users and businesses, and how to implement digital signage effectively. Especially, during this pandemic, digital signage is being the talk of the trend. Today, we will see the digital signage best practices and what could be the best digital signage solution any business can afford to incorporate. With different types of businesses in existence, probably, here you can find some ideas of which business can adopt these best practices for digital signage.

According to a recent survey, digital signage gains 72% more attention than online advertisements. More than 40% of shoppers say that digital displays provide extreme experience for them to shop because of flexibility in changing products then and there before purchase. 44% of people say that they get impressed with digital signs in social media and influenced to make a purchase. Also, many customers enter the store if you have catchy digital display videos or images. Several studies have specified that retail business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in using digital signs to promote their business.

In the following section, you will see the 5 best practices of digital signage you need to follow, as a business owner, not only to gain new customers but also to serve your existing customers, who are your potential leads.

5 digital signage best practices

You can make use of these digital signage best practices for both indoor and outdoor display during this quarantine period and uplift your business by addressing all concerns of your customers if you have not addressed them because of your business downturn.

1. Review your digital content

You should be aware of what kind of content has been scheduled and what is being displayed. Review your messages on the display and ensure they are scheduled in the playlist as per your plan. Considering the current situation, make sure that your content does not showcase any inappropriate terms that may not suit the environment. Moreover, do not play videos that show social gathering or something that does not follow social distancing.

Reviewing your content is more important because you cannot display any incorrect, irrelevant, or unscheduled information to your audience. If there are changes in your store’s working hours, if there is a delay in the arrival of a product, which you would have previously announced as available, any store shutdowns if happening, any new branch initiated, etc. should be promptly communicated to your customers.

All these can happen with digital signage software, which will be available as a service with digital signage employing companies. For people who prefer to work remotely from their home or anywhere else, they can make use of the digital signage software to set up a virtual PC however your office system needs to use Ignite OP.

2. Alter your content

Re-evaluate your digital content such as texts and graphics randomly to understand what you have planned to display and whether the respective content is good to go at this moment. If not, you can rework on your concept and create a new one for display. The digital signage software you use restores the content in the playlist instead of trashing it. So you can play the stored content in the playlist according to your business requirement.

3. Watch your word

Do not look for achieving profits by exploiting the pandemic fears with people. It might create harm to your business if your customers think that you are making use of the situation. This is not the time to get close to your competitor, and it is not to discourage you as well, but this is the fact. Likewise, do not use any pandemic-related word such as Hot COVID-19 sale because this could become an offense as well, as it encourages the crowd to come to your place. Remember that the US Attorney general has designated a COVID-19 fraud coordinator to initiate investigations on these kinds of duplicate prevention and recovering claims.

4. Concentrate on value additions

Focus on what more you can offer to your customers, especially during this terrific time. Display more on offers, extended hours of service, free shipping, etc. Try promoting online and take up delivery services, even if it is not a cup of your tea. See if you can bring people to visit your website, social media page, or phone number for them to gather more information about your value additions. You can initiate anything that keeps your customers peaceful to handle this stressful condition.

5. Be positive

This is the time where you can go through your company’s mission and vision and what you can derive and show it to your customers about your brand. Display messages through digital signs in a manner such that it motivates your customers to feel safe and secure during this COVID-19. Post pictures of your team with smiling faces and display some inspirational quotes that may help change your stressful customer minds pleasantly. Due to continuous lockdowns, people might have been leading a stressful life by just being at home. So, stay positive and promote positive thoughts among your customers and make them feel confident that they are not alone.


This is just the start of interactive digital signage impacting businesses positively. With your creativity and planning perfect strategies, you can run your business potential and gain a long-term relationship with your customers. Remember that your potential customers are one of the best lead generators for new customers. You can undoubtedly follow these digital signage best practices in your business and as days pass by, you will definitely find good growth in terms of customers and revenue as well.

If you have an idea of implementing digital signage into your business and need some support, we have experts who can help you with your needs. You can reach our help desk anytime through our Toll-free number, e-mail, or chat with our technical representative for immediate response.

Frequently asked questions

1. What benefits does my business get through digital signage?

If you keep the pandemic condition aside, customer’s behavior keeps changing according to new trends. So now interactive digital signage is the trend and if you play anything on the digital signboard, viewers will definitely watch everything you display and take what they want. Here are the top benefits that as a business owner, you can avail through implementing digital signage. Once you execute, you can make use of the digital signage best practices as specified previously. Here are the benefits that you can count on.

  • It carries real-time news, information and advertising content
  • Its colorful graphics and motion displays attract customers and create a high impact that leads to conversion
  • It improves brand visibility and emphasizes on brand image
  • It highly influences customer’s purchase decision and makes it a closing deal
  • When compared to other media of advertisements, it is cost-effective and allows changing of content instantly
  • It helps in rejuvenating your brand in case you are going on loss and conveys the message short and crisp
  • It is a helpful tool that acts as an awareness creator as well
  • Digital signage makes your brand remembered among your audience
  • It is environmental-friendly and allows displaying multiple messages on more number of screens simultaneously

2. Why does my business need digital signage?

The traditional method of advertising and converting potential leads to possible sales had a decent competition since its inception. Though technology was on the verge, customers could not adapt to it and so businesses could not transform completely onto it.

But now before you get to know what is new, your customers are pretty much aware of the upcoming and on-going technology trends and quickly adapting to those trends. Hence, you can see an overwhelming competition, and to survive in this competition, you really need something better than your opponent to reach your customers before they do.

This is where digital signs play a primary role. Customers have made the online purchase a habitat, and most of the time, they spend only on digital signboard displays.

3. What kind of content can I display on my digital signs?

You can display high-resolution images in various formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and more, HD video files with audio included, 3D maps and wayfinding, interactive directories, animated interactive themes, Live TV, sales and promotion, event schedules, alert notifications, websites and webpages, calendars, date, clocks and other related information, social media, and other live RSS feeds, PowerPoint, updates on weather, traffic and any news and finally, polls, surveys, and contests.

4. How much does digital signage cost?

First, you should know what components of digital signage should have so that you can work out the cost for the digital signage accordingly.

  • You require a wall mount digital sign or free-standing digital kiosk, and it comes under the hardware
  • Also, you need mounting brackets, advanced media players, digital signage software, professional content creation, and a content management portal system.

If you need any help on the same, you can approach the company that offers digital signage solutions nearer to your location.