11 (Biggest) Benefits of having Digital Signage for Restaurant

One of the most significantly-trending industries within the digital signage movement is the wide-scale embodiment of digital signage for restaurant business. 

As rules and regulations continue to emerge, the majority of restaurants are quickly realizing the advantages of going digital when it comes to menu boards. 

Apart from the aesthetic boost digital menu boards offer over their static menu boards, here are eleven vital benefits of digitized menu boards.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Restaurant

1 – Effortless menu board creation

When you want to modify a menu sign, you have to pay a designer to update the sign, and then you have to pay to print it. But, with restaurant digital signage, you can change the menu yourself at no extra cost to you.

This makes it quite easier to manage your food items, prices, and update the menu as needed. You can add new items smoothly, remove non-performing ones, and even spice up the list by moving things around.

2 – Add new menu and adjust pricing 

Xynage offers the latest in digital signage for restaurant. You can automatically or manually operate menu items and price points remotely based on upcoming events, supply and demand, and promotional campaigns. This provides your company the needed flexibility to increase sales and generate profits.

3 – Run multiple marketing campaigns

Another advantage of the digital signage for restaurant is that you can show any of your marketing messages. Plus, you can show multiple marketing messages.

For example, you have a unique menu item to highlight, or you are offering an exceptional promotion. You possibly even be hosting an event and can highlight it on the digital sign. 

Because the display is always evolving, you can add new images, graphics, and video at any time to catch the attention of your customers.

4 – Increase Upsell

Digital menu boards help you to upsell, uniquely when they’re integrated with the POS system. When this integration is working, the digital display can show complimentary menu items.

This can give you a massive growth in sales. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, your digital menu board might recommend a breadstick or salad. Many customers will order it, thus increasing sales.

Imagine seeing a video or photo of those steaming hot breadsticks, cheesy appetizer, or a nice cold drink. By adding your most attention-grabbing products to your digital menu, the board does the upsell for you.

5 – Remove errors with centralized control

Managers can now manage the entire network of menu boards on-the-go. All one needs is an Internet connection. Eliminate misprints, employee errors, installation costs, and additional expenses related to static menu signage. 

With digital menu boards, you can now monitor the complete system’s content and have full control of the message you want to communicate to the customer.

6 – Reduce wait time

Digital menu boards can incorporate valuable content like interesting facts, trivia, or other entertaining aspects to reduce a customers perceived wait time during the process of ordering.

It also offers customers an incentive to keep looking at the screen, giving restaurants the chance to present them with more promotional content.

7 – Save printing cost 

Digital signage not only increases your profits, but they also reduce your operating costs.

When you use digital signage for restaurant, you don’t have to reprint or update the menu. For several restaurants, this saves a lot of capital because they reprint menus on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

You can now update your menu at no cost using digital signage. Moreover, if an inevitable typo error shows up, you can fix it in seconds. 

8 – Streamline order management

The digital menu signs show beautiful images, and it will encourage your clients to make a quick decision. 

It is because they don’t ought to read a bunch of words and can pick up their order by the look of a dish.

You will discover that you can take orders faster and serve more customers, again improving your bottom line.

It will also improve your customer service rating because people will not have to wait to order food in a long line. This can mean the difference between a repeat customer and one you never see again.

9 – Build your brand

With static signs, there’s always the chance that an employee will forget to modify content when your company makes an effort to update its menu and service offerings. 

Using digital signage, restaurant managers can ensure that every location is on-track and present a high-quality and consistent appearance across the board.

10 – Use Dayparting

Farewell to the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

With digital signage, you will never forget to change out your paper menus. You can set your digital signs to change from breakfast to lunch and dinner automatically.

Using the digital menu, you can schedule and present your content to display how and when you want. Automating the dayparting can help you spend more time concentrating on your consumers and providing them the best experience.

11 – Display calory content

In several countries, restaurants have to list a calorie count for their menu items. Digital signage for restaurant makes this easy.

Moreover, as your recipes and ingredients change, you can quickly update the calorie content without having to order more printed menus.


The benefits of digital signage for restaurant are many because it lets you connect visually with your customers.

Digital signboards connect with your consumers and mentally affect their order choices by presenting beautiful images and nutritional information.

Digital signage lets you focus on customer service and deliver a better overall dining experience.

Guests have started to expect an excellent dining experience in modern-day restaurants, and digital signage solutions help you provide it.

Digital signage for restaurant – General FAQs

1) How much does a digital menu board cost?

Digital signage for restaurant costs quite less than static signboards. For one location, a digital signage solution like Xynage can cost you approximately $1000 per location compared to over $2000 with a conventional static menu.

2) What are some of the most significant benefits of digital signage for restaurants? 

The five most significant benefits of digital signage for restaurant are:

  1. Higher retention rate
  2. Increase in revenue
  3. Reduces operational cost
  4. Easy to deploy
  5. Digital Connectivity

3) What are the different types of menus?

There are mainly five types of menus:

  1. A la carte
  2. Wine/Beverage
  3. Static
  4. Du Jour 
  5. Dessert

4) Which digital signage software is best for my restaurant?

Xynage is one of the most prominent digital signage software services providers. It runs on the Android operating system and comes with a stand-alone device that connects with your TV.